Wagtail UK’s sister company, Conservation Dogs, were delighted to be invited to attend Bat Science Stage organised by the Bat Conservation Trust.  The event was held virtually on 30 September as part of BatFest. A variety of presenters gave talks on the science they are doing related to bats.

Head of Conservation Dogs, Joanne Martin, explained how Conservation Dogs detect bat carcasses to assist with wind farm surveys. The dogs can search a vast amount of area in comparison to human search methods. The dogs are also quicker, more accurate and more cost effective than human search methods.

Conservation Dogs, was created to try and promote the concept that dogs could be used for ecological surveys in the detection of wildlife in the UK, as this type of work is already extremely popular in America and Australia/New Zealand.  As well as bat carcass detection, Conservation Dogs have also been trained to detect live animals, such as great crested newts, and trained and implemented Product of Animal Origin detection dogs overseas for ivory, pangolin scale, shark fin, lion and cheetah pelt detection.

Conservation Dogs unique services are utilised by governments, conservationists, biologists, ecologists, developers, utility providers and wildlife organisations. Conservation Dogs provide a far less invasive, simpler, faster, highly efficient and cost effective method of searching.

For more information on the work of Conservation Dogs please email or call 01745 561166.