International detection dog specialists, Wagtail UK Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of Event Detection Dogs, a new company specialising in the provision of explosive and drug detection dogs at arenas and stadiums.

Event Detection Dogs (EDD) handlers and dogs are specialists in explosive, pyrotechnic, firearms and drug detection, providing safety, assurance and security in an uncertain world.

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Stadiums and arenas require robust security to protect fans, players, event participants, staff and the venue.  Explosive threats have become more prevalent, requiring an effective security solution.  The use of detection dogs, or sniffer dogs as they are more commonly known, in crowded places provides an extra layer of security, enhancing a stadium/arenas existing security measures.  I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

EDD help to ensure stadiums and arenas are safe and secure before, during and after an event.  They provide highly visible qualified detection dogs and qualified professional handlers to support and enhance the existing security measures in place at stadiums and arenas.  EDD carry out vehicle screening, pedestrian access/turnstile screening and stadium/arena searches.

Wagtail UK Ltd was established in 2003.  It provides detection dogs and related services for government agencies such as UK Border Force, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Trading Standards and Armed Forces.  EDD forms part of the Wagtail Holding group of companies along with Conservation Dogs, who provide specialist detection dogs for protected wildlife and ecological surveys.

Managing Director of Wagtail UK Ltd, Collin Singer added: ‘We created EDD as we wanted to develop a part of the business which was solely dedicated to ensuring safety and security in crowded places.  So far, our handlers and dogs have helped secure over 20 arenas and stadiums around the UK.  We consistently meet the highest level of performance standards and are members and preferred partners of the Football Safety Officers Association.  Our philosophy is simple: Only the Best is Good Enough.’

EDD only select the best dogs.  25% of their dogs are unwanted pets or are from rescue centres, ensuring they are given a good home and life.  During training the dogs are exposed to as many different environments as possible, ensuring the dog is adaptable and flexible to new situations.  The Company is Home Office approved to hold real explosive and drug training samples and has a full suite of training aids, believing that training on real substance is best practice and a superior option to pseudo scent samples.

The majority of EDD dog handlers come from military / police backgrounds.  They are self-motivated, professional and highly-trained.  All handlers are experienced and well trained in knowing how to navigate complex scenarios.  They have experience of working in a variety of environments including Afghanistan, Iraq, The Balkans, Northern Ireland and the UK mainland.   EDD are constantly evolving their staff training and continuation training in order to stay ahead of emerging threats and advances in perpetrator’s techniques.

EDD also offer a consultancy service and training, including the training of a venues own inhouse detection dog teams.

For more information please call 01745 561166 or email