Flash has recently retired from Wagtail UK’s sister company, Conservation Dogs, and been rehomed. He has settled in perfectly to his new home, and we just wanted to share a bit of history about Flash and celebrate his amazing career with Conservation Dogs.

Flash starting working for Wagtail UK and Conservation Dogs in 2015. He was one of the first dogs trained to detect bat carcasses. During his career he has searched a variety of sites all over the UK for bat and bird carcasses. He was also trained to detect ivory for our demonstrations. He’s completed numerous efficiency trials, always achieving a high record. This amazing boy has had lots of operational finds. Just from counting between 2017-2019 Flash alone has located 10 birds and 30 bats. He was also the dog that found a live bat during a carcass search in 2018. Flash is a conservation legend. He is well loved by everyone who meets him and certainly knew how to light up a room with his presence. When he wasn’t working, his favourite past time was to carry around any items he could find and run around you with them. Blankets, grooming equipment, toys, you name it and he would carry it. He is a cheeky character and will be dearly missed by all of our staff members. Flash is a little sweetheart and has settled in extremely well in his new home. Thank you Flash, have a very happy retirement x

Conservation Detection Dog Flash