More recognition for Wagtail UK and our sister company, Conservation Dogs as Atkins win a prestigious Environmental & Sustainability Award at the Rail Industry Supplier Excellence (RISE) Awards ceremony.

We are proud to work in partnership with Atkins. Identifying the presence of legally protected great crested newts creates a challenge for the rail industry and can lead to considerable project delays – impacting rail customers.

Conventional manual trapping and relocation methods are time-consuming, costly, unsustainable and create workforce safety risks.

Atkins led research and development in association with Wagtail UK Ltd to progress the training and scientific testing of dogs to detect great crested newts (GCN). GCN detection dogs, Rocky and Arnie, have been successfully deployed on a number of rail projects creating significant environmental, efficiency and safety benefits to the rail industry, demonstrating the value of developing sustainable alternative methodologies.

For more information on our great crested newt detection dogs please call 01745 561166 or email