Wagtail UK is the leading provider of Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs), having 9 fully accredited FREDDs teams approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Department for Transport (DFT).

FREDDs screen cargo within the warehouse offering a real time detection capability for screening the cargo for explosives in an operational environment.  The dogs are trained to check cargo for a range of explosive materials.  FREDDs are a vital part in the air cargo supply chain process to ensure cargo arrives safely and on time.  Wagtail FREDDs are currently used at two UK international airports.

All of Wagtail FREDDs have undergone intensive training in-line with standards set by the UK Government to prepare them for this role.  On a daily basis, the dogs are tested and independently verified to ensure that they are working effectively prior to commencement of operational searches.

This new method of air cargo security screening will see a reduction in the amount of cargo that misses its intended flights due to failed security screening.  FREDDs compliment measures such as x-ray and ETD and hand search, however FREDDs offers a more focussed approach.

There are many different types of cargo that will benefit from FREDD:

  • Machinery with dense parts such as aircraft parts and ship spares
  • Certain food products that would usually require packaging to have to be opened
  • Larger scale crates
  • More fragile pieces such as artwork that would benefit from less manual handling

The secure process by which FREDD work will ensure these types of cargo are screened more thoroughly and fail less of their security checks.

Advantages of using FREDDs

  • Rapid and effective way of screening large volumes of air cargo
  • Screening turnaround times reduced with increased efficiency
  • Less intrusive form of screening
  • Ability to screen cargo which is extremely difficult if not impossible to screen using conventional methods.

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